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SonoSmile Affiliate Marketing Agreement

Last modified November 19th 2019

VERY IMPORTANT: Please carefully read this agreement in full.

This SonoSmile affilate marketing program is a test run. As such, it may be cancelled at any time for any or all individual affiliates at the discretion of MultiDimensional Imaging, LLC, which administers this program. Outstanding balances will be paid out according to the payments section below unless there's some indication of fraud.

In this agreement you means yourself, the person signing up for this and named in the form above. We and us refer to the DBA name SonoSmile, MultiDimensional Imaging, LLC, the trademark SonoSmile, and/or any of their respective owners or staff.


In your dashboard you'll be able to see the first two letters of the first and last name of the pregnant person for whom your promo code was redeemed. Even if you know them personally, and recognize the name by the first two letters, you may not share that information. SonoSmile is not medical and is not subject to HIPPA, but we do value our customer's privacy.


Our objective is to completely saturate the market with an awareness of SonoSmile. Every pregnant woman withing 50 miles should come to us at least twice per pregancy. To make that a reality we're enlisting your help to get the word out.

So that customers are enticed to share where they heard about us we offer a discount for redeeming a promo code.

To encourage you to sign up and publicize our service we will pay you for each scan that:

  • uses one of your promo codes
  • pays
  • comes in for their appointment
  • doesn't get a refund
  • doesn't dispute their payment with the bank or credit card company

You can request payouts as your affiliate dashboard shows the available balance. Your first available balance will appear seven (7) days after your promo code is redeemed and the customer comes for her first appointment, assuming the criteria above are met. When you request payment we mail you a physical, hand written and signed check to the mailing address you entered when creating this account. We won't pay any other way. If we feel that your unpaid balance is getting too high, we may in our own discretion mail you payment even if you haven't requested it, however we are not under any obligation to do so.


Good faith efforts will be made to resolve any discrepancies, however you waive all right to sue SonoSmile, MultiDimensional Imaging, or any of their respective owners or staff. If an appointment is cancelled due to some fault on our side, you may not claim the money that would have been paid if the appointment had paid and happened. Since we're in business of making money, we'll do our best to complete every scan however sometimes emergencies come, including unexpected equipment failures, or limitations regarding the location. Usually these situations can be rescheduled, but sometimes they must be refunded and cancelled.

Honest representation

You agree to honestly represent SonoSmile services and your relationship to us. You may not claim any authority, make any promises about the services we offer, or offer anything beyond what's available on the website.

You further agree not to violate any laws in the course of promoting SonoSmile and/or your promo codes. You agree to abide by the terms of service of any company or site your use to market your promocode.

Violating this portion of the agreement may forfeit your outstanding balance.


If anything in this agreement is found to be unenforcable or invalid, only the specific part that is invalid may be disregarded and the rest of the agreement will remain in force.

Thank you for reading.

By clicking "I agree" you agree to be bound by the SonoSmile Affiliate Marketing Agreement. Assuming everything is filled out correctly you'll be brought to your dasboard where you can create a promo code.

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