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From 3D Ultrasound to HDlive

SonoSmile’s story started 14 years ago, before any of our 3D ultrasound competitors even existed. While we have the most years experience in this particular business, we’ve also managed to keep up with the latest, most advanced 3D ultrasound equipment, capable of 3D, 4D and HDlive sonogram images.

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In March 2007 Rachael and I saw our first baby for the first time in her doctor’s office. He was about the size of a grain of rice. The feelings of elation and excitement were overwhelming. It didn’t matter to us if he was a boy or girl. We had a baby and we loved him already. Our lives were forever tied to a unique human being.

Our first 3D ultrasound was done in a retail storefront type location. We paid $212 for a 10 minute glimpse of a 3D ultrasound that came with a VHS cassette. Even at that price it felt like a great deal.

It was there that we had the big gender reveal. We got to find out that our first baby was a boy. He was only 12 weeks old (14 weeks LMP) and yet we could tell that he had a face. He responded to being pushed. He kicked and rolled. Many of his movements seemed deliberate. The revelation that an unborn baby already had a face at at that time was such a big deal that neither of us could think about much of anything else. This is when I decided to specialize in obstetric imaging.

We shared our pictures with anyone and everyone we could. We tagged the pictures with “I have a face!” We started to imagine that if everyone heard their baby’s heart beat and saw their face in a 3D ultrasound that no one would ever have an abortion. How could anyone choose to kill a fetus if they saw that “fetus” just means “unborn baby.”

Our question became, “How can we earn a living by promoting fetal awareness?” We incorporated BabyFace 4D Fetal Imaging in July 2007. After the necessary arrangements we were open for business in January 2008.

We joined Dr. Wayne DiGiacomo Ob/Gyn, and A Birth Center located in Hallandale Beach, Florida, in June 2008 and were blessed to work with them until we moved in 2019.

Since that time Rachael and I have had another 4 children. After the first baby becomes a toddler you start to miss that new baby smell. We regularly saw 3D/4D ultrasound pictures and video of each of our children. A very special scan to us is now the SonoSmile logo. The smiling ultrasound image at the top of each page is our son James. He is one of many smiling babies, who were happy before they were ever given a reason to be happy. They had never tasted more than amniotic fluid. They had never seen beauty or experienced wealth. Just the same they are happy. We don’t need an excuse to be happy.

We changed the name to SonoSmile in 2010 when we decided to trademark the name. BabyFace 4D Fetal Imaging was too similar other “baby face” 3D ultrasound company names. Several other registrations had similar names.

Professionally I’ve been privileged to perform tens of thousands of 3D ultrasound scans in and around Miami Florida. SonoSmile 3D ultrasound has had visitors from 115 different countries, spanning 6 continents, almost all of the islands of the Caribbean and a few from Polynesia.

With the retirement of Dr DiGiacomo around the summer of 2019, SonoSmile has now relocated to Ocala Florida. Here we have partnered with a wonderful birth center, Loving Arms Birth and Wellness Center. The country is beatiful and we're glad to be here.

I speak English fluently, Spanish like an American Yankee who lived in Spain for two years and Portuguese like a 2 year old Brazilian child.

If you want to see your baby, don’t hesitate to schedule online or call. Rachael and I are happy to speak with you and excited to show you your baby.

-David Cruz
Manager, Co-founder

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